Harsh Sun

Protect Yourself from the Harsh Sun

There’s no bigger culprit than the sun when it comes to aging your skin. Harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun penetrate your skin, causing damage leading to visible signs of aging or even skin cancer. There’s no escaping the Aussie sun, but you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Cover Up Being

Close up on a man smiling while he is missing a tooth

The Right Replacement: Dental Options in Replacing Lost Teeth

Tooth loss can happen to anyone, even those who take perfect care of their teeth through good oral hygiene. So, whether you’ve lost a tooth (or teeth) due to an accident, a collision while playing sports, poor oral hygiene, or other health issues, lost teeth can affect your appearance, confidence, health, and quality of life

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Surgical Instrument Care

Reducing Post-Surgical Risks Through Proper Surgical Instrument Care

Whether in the laboratory, clinic, or hospital, well-maintained and sterilised surgical instruments are crucial. Stainless steel is regarded as the best material for surgical instruments, with a thorough cleaning and proper maintenance prolonging their life and preventing the spread of infection. Every day millions of surgical operations are conducted around the world. According to the

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Spend Your Time Wisely in Airports

If you travel much, whether it is for business or pleasure, you will always end up spending time in airports. For some people, this can be like hell. Waiting for hours on end at an airport when you should be in the air can be frustrating. However, most airports nowadays have been designed to handle

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Manager reachging out hand for a hand shake

What to Think About Before Handing That Job Offer Out

As a CEO or manager of the company, you most likely are often tempted to hand that job offer to the candidates who are just like you. They might have the same principles as you when it comes to working, or you simply see yourself in them, which is what makes you eager and excited

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Meditation at the beach

Layers of Dharma in Yoga

The primary objective of almost every yogi is to determine, follow and then eventually live their Dharma. Doing the right thing all the time is the essence of Dharma. The right thing in this instance will depend on your life purpose, privileges, societal duties, talents and personal obligations. Practising your Dharma will involve the constant

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