smiling senior with his daughter

Care Homes: Specialised Care for People with Dementia

Dementia is a brain disease most common with older adults. It negatively affects a person’s mental capability, so their memory and critical thinking abilities reduce. The loss of memory changes a person’s day to day routine as they may have forgotten what they are supposed to do, and alters their interaction with people since they

children with braces

How to Help Your Child Get Used to Braces

Teenagers have it tough. Teenage years are when most of the changes in their bodies happen and sometimes, the results are targets for ridicule. They are teased for their pimples, voice change, growth spurts, and bad teeth. If they want to fix their crooked teeth, they need to wear metal braces for some time. Fortunately,

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using phone

Social Media Addiction: What You Can Do About It

For the past couple of years, several people have started developing addictive habits with technology without them being aware of it. Now, what used to be a myth has become a reality for thousands of individuals. Some people first had a taste of their addiction in their effort to build their business’ online presence. It

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customer service representative talking on the phone

Got a Customer Complaint? Here’s How to Handle It

With so many companies vying for the attention of the majority, it is getting harder to stay ahead of the pack. It is the reason most businesses spend a fortune to get promotional products for promoting their brands. It is also the reason they do their best to keep their customers happy. If customers are not satisfied

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Photographer taking shots

Career Talk: Photography, Not Just a Hobby

Thinking about pursuing a career in photography? Don’t hesitate any longer because there are endless paths that you can pursue and choose from. Being a professional photographer is a high-paying job that offers a lot of opportunities — locally and internationally. Plus, you’ll find it even more rewarding if you consider photography your creative passion.

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Man harvesting potatoes

Starting Your Small Farming Business

You always remember the funny quote on restaurant walls: “Becoming a vegetarian is a big missed steak!” Though you haven’t considered becoming a vegan, you have seriously thought about starting a small livestock business. You want to get away from the busy city lifestyle. You’ve been in discussion with your partners in your tech firm,

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Garden fountain surrounded by flowers

Styles of Water Fountains for Landscaping

Landscaping was preserved for commercial properties aiming for the best impression on clients. Nowadays, even residential properties have caught up with the craze. Thankfully, including and maintaining landscaping elements on your property is inexpensive and can alternatively be handled as a DIY project, provided you get an expert to guide you. Most people focus on

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