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Indoor Allergen Problems? Here’s How to Fix These

Over millions of people suffer from allergy and asthma across the country. Indoor allergens, such as pet dander and cockroach dropping, can trigger allergic reactions. These reactions can range from a runny nose to breathing difficulty. Some even suffer from chest tightness, which could eventually put them at risk if not treated. Although it’s nearly


Five Beauty Hacks That Are More Harmful Than Helpful

The quest for beauty has long been a preoccupation of human society. And even way back then, people were already trying dangerous techniques to try to look more attractive. For example, in Renaissance Italy, noblewomen would crush the berries of the toxic belladonna plant to dilate their pupils and appear more lovely. Today, people are

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Essential Fishing Methods for Beginner Anglers

Going for a fishing trip is as American as baseball and apple pie, and for good reason. Imagine spending your lazy afternoons out on the water, basking in the scenery, and catching some fresh air. Whether you prefer to do things by yourself or are looking for ways to spend time with friends and family,

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Living with PCOS Doesn’t Have to Be So Bad

You might have heard of PCOS from a friend who is having trouble getting pregnant. Believe it or not, it is quite more common than you think. One out of ten women in the UK is affected by Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS. There is not much known about its cause, but most cases are

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High-Paying Jobs for Creatives

The stereotype of the starving artist is a thing of the past. In just about every industry, salaries are increasing at a steady pace as the demand for creative professionals with just the right set of skills and knowledge expands, as well. Whether you’re an illustrator or a video editor, there are plenty of companies

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Achieve Health and Express Art Through the Human Body

The martial arts and movie legend Bruce Lee once said that his physical training was a form of artistic movement, and not just a means to prepare for hand-to-hand combat. He explained that his practice of martial arts, lifting weights, running, stretching, and doing other physical conditioning was a form of self-expression through the human

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Photography Hacks for Better Beauty Product Pictures

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to have the best product photos on your page. If you’re a startup, then you’re most likely doing everything yourself anyway. However, not all of us are gifted with an eye for photography, but this doesn’t mean you can’t take good pictures of your products by yourself.

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