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How Should Cancer Researchers Manage Stress?

It is impossible not to feel a certain kind of stress when you’re studying and researching about any type of cancer. For many of us, it hits close to home. Cancer has been a part of almost all of us in the past decades. We know someone who has suffered from it. We lost people

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How to Get Social Media Followers for Your Business Organically

As a business owner, your social media presence is one of the most important tools to promote your products and services. For example, you can use it to create your own community by increasing your social media following. Usually, you have two options: buy them or grow them naturally. If you’d like some tips on how

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How Traveling Has Changed in the New Normal

The pandemic that’s left us indoors for the better part of a year is now slowly transitioning into the new normal. As economies begin to open up again, most people are looking to get back into the swing of things. The effects of the lockdown orders are still developing each day, though. Our behavioral patterns

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What You Need to Know Before Starting Bodybuilding

  You don’t have to become a contender in professional weightlifting competitions to want to be a bodybuilder. Despite all the preconceived notions about the “mass monsters,” bodybuilding is simply a way to sculpt the body and build muscles. And the highly-defined muscles are not always just for show; bodybuilding is a sport, just like

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Sleep Divorce: The Breakup with a Happy Ending

Sleeping in the same bed as your spouse is the norm. Or is it? History has it that during the Victorian era, sharing a bed with your partner was considered unhygienic, even dangerous. It wasn’t until the early 20th century that married couples (at least, in America) started sharing a bed. And the rest is

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Big Data Analytics: The Role of Data Gathering and Analysis in the Pandemic

Healthcare professionals and workers in different countries try their best to find practical solutions to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Most of them try to come up with strategies that will help prevent the further spread of the disease. Healthcare workers constantly remind people to practice strict health protocols such as mask-wearing and social distancing. Medical

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The YOLO Diaries: Making the Most Out of Your Life

Being alive isn’t always the easiest. You’ll experience a lot of hurdles and obstacles in your path while on your way to the future. You may encounter challenges that not only test your faith in yourself but also your belief in humanity as a whole. And it can be exhausting, but that doesn’t mean you

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