Heart problem

Ways to Detect and Prevent Heart Disease

Heart diseases are easily among the top causes of death and one of the most preventable given early detection and proper care. One way of detecting the early onset of heart illnesses is a private MRI scan, which is available in many UK diagnostic clinics. MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is a non-invasive way of

Female drinking warm tea

High Tea: What is It?

With the increasing popularity of high tea in Singapore, promotion after promotion of high tea menus is rolled out by different hotels and restaurants. More places are offering high tea sets, and some places even have high tea buffets at affordable rates. However, most people do not know the difference between high tea and its

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ketogenic diet plan

Ways to Make Being on a Keto Diet Easier

The keto diet is the salvation of those who have tried a multitude of diets in their lives. For one, it actually works. Unfortunately, everything comes with a trade-off. For the keto diet, the trade-off is that it can be difficult to follow for those who aren’t used to eating such a restrictive diet. The

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How Can Busy Business Owners Find Love?

Business owners are already making a full-time commitment to their companies, which means that they might have to sacrifice their relationships. Friends and family members might find it difficult to reach them because of their busy work schedules. If you focus all of your energy on running a business, you might lose out on finding

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smiling senior with his daughter

Care Homes: Specialised Care for People with Dementia

Dementia is a brain disease most common with older adults. It negatively affects a person’s mental capability, so their memory and critical thinking abilities reduce. The loss of memory changes a person’s day to day routine as they may have forgotten what they are supposed to do, and alters their interaction with people since they

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children with braces

How to Help Your Child Get Used to Braces

Teenagers have it tough. Teenage years are when most of the changes in their bodies happen and sometimes, the results are targets for ridicule. They are teased for their pimples, voice change, growth spurts, and bad teeth. If they want to fix their crooked teeth, they need to wear metal braces for some time. Fortunately,

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using phone

Social Media Addiction: What You Can Do About It

For the past couple of years, several people have started developing addictive habits with technology without them being aware of it. Now, what used to be a myth has become a reality for thousands of individuals. Some people first had a taste of their addiction in their effort to build their business’ online presence. It

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