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Bulimia Nervosa: A Closer Look

Many people, especially women, envy those who eat a lot without gaining weight. Some are just blessed with good genes and an insanely fast metabolism which allows them to enjoy their burgers, fries, and even some desserts on the side. Others, however, might be suffering from a condition known as Bulimia Nervosa. Characterized as a

Woman who has acne on skin

What Exactly Causes Acne?

Acne and skin breakouts are not exclusive to puberty, it can happen to us even in adulthood. Acne, in general, is a harmless problem. It’s our body’s way of reacting to outside or internal triggers. The problem goes away with enough time and the right treatment, but it can come back to haunt us any

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Little girl suffering from tooth pain

Ways to Relieve Tooth Pain in Kids

Childhood carries with it numerous challenges that the parent must counter, one of them being tooth pain. Tooth pain can be extremely bothersome for adults, so it is quite a challenge when it happens to children. If your little one has never experienced tooth pain, you will find our brief coverage of tooth development stages

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woman doing yoga at the beach

Yogi-Approved Tips for Improving Your Yoga Poses

So, you have finally discovered the beauty of yoga and want to start your journey to a better and fitter you. Now that you are planning to go on a yoga cleanse retreat, it is about time to polish your skills by preparing for it beforehand. To help you get yourself ready, here are a few

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open 24 hour store sign

What Kind of Signage Suits Your Retail Business?

Store signs and banners call out to people. Businesses with torn, tattered and worn out signs do not fare well with potential customers. They are likely to ignore or overlook an otherwise good retail store because of dilapidated and blurred signage. The same can be said for signs that are poorly designed or confusing. Experts from

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footballer having an injury

Face the Facts: These Are the Injuries that Most Athletes Encounter

The sporting world is one of the most competitive fields as far as skill and physical prowess are concerned. The competition is so tight and hotly contested that injuries unavoidable happen especially when athletes achieve something bordering on the impossible feats of human strength and endurance. Some life-threatening injuries that Arizona athletes encounter may require

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Clinical Research: Do Your Part and Earn a Little Extra

Not everyone can be doctors or researchers. Not everyone can create innovations that can revolutionize the world of medicine. However, you can still do your part in advancing science by participating in clinical trials. Most clinical trials compensate participants, so you won’t just be a part of a research team that can save thousands if

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