DIY in Real Life is the go-to website for DIY hobbyists looking for the best DIY projects, tips, and instructions. Our community consists of DIY veterans and creative enthusiasts eager to share their work.

When it comes to making things, you can pay someone to do it, or you can do it yourself. We are that group of people who enjoy working with our hands instead of with our wallet and are proud of the output we create. We wanted to create a community where people can share tips and be proud of their work, learning for others while they share their own advice.

Whether it’s a simple cosplay outfit, homemade decoration that can pass off as a high-end trinket, or DIY projects worthy of being gifts for friends and family, we’re here to talk about it.

Haylee Simons

Haylee Simons

DIY in Real Life’s resident techie. When she’s not improving gadgets, she’s making them from scratch. Out of the three of us, Haylee is the best at working a sewing machine, and you might have seen her work in any major comic con event near you. One of her side jobs includes getting cosplay costume commissions. However, she doesn’t just make costumes; she helps these characters come to life.

She writes about cosplaying, DIY fashion, and anything that involves technology, especially sewing.

Brooke Yang

Brook is currently on her second year of college, studying furniture design. When she’s not drawing up the blueprints for the next great collection of contemporary furniture, she’s blogging about her life back home with her sister and her cat.

Despite her heavy school load, Brooke always finds the time to blog and continue her passion of DIY projects. As a result, she writes about DIY tips, especially homemade furniture and larger DIY projects.

Brooke Yang

Debra Watkins

A stay-at-home mom and mother of four, Debra knows all about designing the perfect home. When she’s not busy finding ways to keep her home more organized, she’s researching the web finding ideas for handmade gifts she can make for friends and family and finding ways to modify these ideas so she can add a personal twist the gift receiver will appreciate.

Debra writes about the smaller DIY projects that don’t require that much technology skills. From redecorating your own home, to DIY jewelry, to simple cosmetics, Debra is a natural with working with her hands.

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