In DIY, there’s always something new to learn. We at DIY in Real Life, as well as the rest of our community, is always growing, and we’d love to learn from our community to. If you’re interested in sharing your ideas, why not write for us as one of our contributing writers.

Article Guidelines

Articles must be at least 800 words – anything shorter is accepted, but it’s gotta be pretty interesting. You have free rein over tone, format, and style, but the topic has to be about DIY. Talk about fashion, home tools, gifts, decorations – as long as you made it, you can write about it. We might edit it for clarity and grammar purposes, though.

Person Writing on a Notebook

Be sure to leave a bio and link to your website so we can credit you properly. We appreciate original photos of your DIY project to better help our readers understand your work, but make sure they’re high-quality photos.

Interested? Then, get writing!

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